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Hand Tools

  • Fiskars Axe X10

    Fiskars Axe X10

    For carpentry and wood work. Great general tool for tasks at yard and small construction projects around the house. Height   34mm Width    196mm Length   491mm Weight   1220g    

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  •  Fiskars Axe X15

    Fiskars Axe X15

    For chopping down saplings and general forestry work Perfect balance between the head and shaft for the most safe, comfortable and efficient swing Ultra light and durable FiberComp™ shaft minimizes fatigue and makes the axe virtually...

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  • Fiskars Axe XL25

    Fiskars Axe XL25

    The perfect splitting axe for chopping large logs. Its thick blade with a unique cutting edge gives you all the power you need, while a light, sturdy shaft complements the unique blade geometry and finish with a 3D grip and perfect balance for the...

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