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Electric fires

  • Dimplex Auberry

    Dimplex Auberry

    Medium-sized stove incorporating Opti-myst® the worlds most realistic electric flame and smoke ef Creamy-white, gloss enamel-style finish, Fully variable flame and smoke intensity control 2kW fan heater with choice of two heat settings,...

  • Dimplex Brayford

    Dimplex Brayford

    The Dimplex Brayford is a classic styled electric stove, ideal as an alternative to traditional multi fuel fires. The Brayford features a great choice of heat settings, log effect fuel bed and the realistic moving  Optiflame effect, this can be...

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  • Dimplex Burgate Optimyst

    Dimplex Burgate Opti Myst

    Cast-iron style stove incorporating Opti-myst® flame and smoke effect Black gloss enamel-style finish Fully variable flame and smoke intensity control 2kW fan heater with choice of two heat settings Thermostat and remote control Height...

  • Dimplex Castillo

    Dimplex Castillo

    The Dimplex Castillo freestanding electric fire is designed to be used freestanding flat against a wall. It is supplied assembled, so it is straightforward to set up. The Castillo fire has an elegant and contemporary look, finished in satin silver with a...

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  • Dimplex Chadwick

    Dimplex Chadwick

    The Dimplex Chadwick is a freestanding assembled electric fireplace finished in a stunning stone effect with black fire. The Chadwick's fluted columns and chamfered mantle and hearth give it a real classic style, while the log effect and moving Optiflame...

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    Dimplex Cheriton

    Dimplex Cheriton

    The Dimplex Cheriton electric fire is designed and built to be used freestanding flat against a wall. Supplied assembled, it is effortless to set up. The Cheriton fire has a deep black finish and brass effect trims and frets, creating a touch of warmth...

    Was: £189.00
    Now: £159.99
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  • Dimplex Chevalier

    Dimplex Chevalier

    The Dimplex Chevalier comes in a stunning contemporary design for an electric stove, with double opening doors and a eye catching cream gloss finish. The fuel bed offers both a log and coal effect, both of which are supplied with the stove. With the...

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  • Dimplex Club LE

    Dimplex Club LE

    The Dimplex Club LE electric stove is a mid-sized fire and made from cast iron which is finished in matt black. The unique Optiflame fuel effect is featured on this stove with the illusion of dying embers even when switched off. With a remote control...

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  • Dimplex Courchevel

    Dimplex Courchevel

    The Dimplex Courchevel 2kW electric stove uses patented Optiflame technology, giving you the option to create a feeling of warmth all year round. Optiflame is unique and generates realistic, simulated flames from an electric source which gives the...

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  • Dimplex Danville Brass Optimyst

    Dimplex Danville Opti Myst Brass

    Inset fire with unique Opti-myst®smoke and flame effect Fully variable flame and smoke intensity control Silent flame and smoke effect operation 2kW fan heater with choice of two heat settings Thermostat Remote control Height  -...

  • Dimplex Detroit

    Dimplex Detroit

    This Dimplex Detroit electric fire in black and chrome has that decadent and classic feel of the 1920s. The Dimplex Detroit freestanding electrical fire is designed to be used freestanding flat against a wall. It is supplied assembled, so it is...

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  • Dimplex Meribel Optimyst

    Dimplex Meribel Opti Myst

    Fan heater Choice of heat setting Fitted plug Remote control Opti-myst® effect can be used independently of heat Height  -  670mm Width   -  620mm Depth   -  390mm        

  • Dimplex Mozart

    Dimplex Mozart

    Compact, free-standing suite with integral Optiflame® log fire Surround has white stone-effect finish with dark marble effect back panel 1.5kW fan heater with choice of heat settings Flame can be used independently of heat Concealed...

  • Dimplex Oakhurst

    Dimplex Oakhurst

    Compact traditional style stove incorporating Opti-myst® the world's most realistic electric flame and smoke effect Fully variable flame and smoke intensity control 2kW fan heater with choice of two heat settings Thermostat Opening doors for...

  • Dimplex Springborne

    Dimplex Springborne

    The Dimplex Springborne Stove is an absolutley perfect salternative to solid fuel, as it gives you instant heat with a flick of a button. The advantage of the Dimplex Springborne stove is that you can enjoy the benefit of the realistic Optiflame effect...

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  • Dimplex Stockbridge

    Dimplex Stockbridge

    The Dimplex Stockbridge is a traditional style cast iron stove with electric log or coal burner finished in glossy black and is an ideal heater for use all year round. Comes with two heat settings (1kW and 2kW) and Optiflame technology for a real...

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  • Dimplex Theme

    Dimplex Theme

    The Dimplex Theme is a fantastic classic electric fireplace that comes in a stunning cherry finish surround. This fireplace comes with flickering coal effects with its 2Kw radiant heated bar. The conventional fireplace also comes with a 0.8Kw convector...

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  • Dimplex Yeominster

    Dimplex Yeominster

    The Dimplex Yeominster is a stunning freestanding electric fire. It has classic styling with black and brass effect. It's compact dimensions mean you can have instant warmth and a cosy impact without taking up much space in your living room. The Dimplex...

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  • Dimplex Zamora

    Dimplex Zamora

    The Dimplex Zamora is contemporary black and chrome freestanding fire that comes with the option of real coals or white pebbles for the fuel bed. The Zamora can be installed to a traditional hearth or stood against a flat wall. No chimney required. It...

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  • Glen 2KW Convector Heater

    Glen 2KW Convector Heater

    The Glen 2KW convector heater is ideal for use in any room (except bathrooms) where there is no heating, or heat is required. The gentle heat provided by this convector gives a comfortable temperature and is really quiet, and it's thermostat offers great...

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  • Warmlite WL46001

    Warmlite WL46001

    Perfect for adding traditional style and a cosy finish to your home - the warmlite fireplace features a freestanding black cast effect style and a classic log bed. With 2 heat setting options.This stylish fire is ideal for use all year round. You can...

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