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  • Keith Singleton 5Ltr Multipurpose Compost

    A lightweight peat based compost with essential plant foods and trace elements for healthy growth. Absolutely no green - household - council waste or any other delitrious materials used in our compost products. Our multi-purpose is a light fluffy compost...

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  • Levington 20ltr Mult-Purpose

    This multipurpose compost is suitable improving soil texture to help plants develop stronger roots and grow healthily all around the garden.   Feeds for 6-8 weeks after planting Cultivate after treatment Rich dark blend with seaweed...

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  • Levington John Innes Seed 30ltr

    Approved by the John Innes Institute - Levington John Innes Seed Compost is ideal for sowing seeds - striking cuttings and delicate seedlings. It has been specially developed with a high phosphate formula and 14 vital minerals for optimum root growth...

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  • Miracle Gro 6ltr Cactus&Bonsai Compost

    Cactus and Bonsai Compost is pH balanced to provide the slightly acid environment preferred by Cacti - and has a free draining blend of loam - sand - and peat - with essential nutrients. Ideal for maintaining healthy cacti - succulants and bonsai trees.

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